About Me

My name is Deanna Proach and I wear a few different hats in life: I am a writer, gardener, and fitness enthusiast.

My Experience as a Gardener

My gardening journey began in March 2017 on the Sunshine Coast, the place I used to call home. I worked for a garden maintenance company that year, but in the following year, I decided I wanted to expand my skills and work independently. So, in June 2018, I took the chance and created my own landscaping company, Adventurous Worker.

Since then, I have gained much experience which has broadened my knowledge of gardening. I also had the opportunity to work for some amazing people. My desire to deepen my knowledge of gardening coupled with the desire for a new beginning in a different place, compelled me to move off the Sunshine Coast.

In 2020, I moved to Dawson Creek, a small town located in northeastern British Columbia and in 2021, I completed the organic horticulture specialist course through Gaia College.

My Fitness Journey

My fitness journey began shortly after I arrived home from travelling Germany in late 2016. I actually took up a vocation as a gardener in efforts to lose weight and tone up. Spend all summer outdoors, learning about the nature around me. I couldn’t think of a better way to get fit.

​My passion for fitness and desire to lead a healthier lifestyle compelled me to pursue a complimentary career as a group fitness instructor, so I obtained my ACE group fitness certification in October 2019.

Putting it All Together

After much soul-searching, I’ve decided that I don’t want to rely solely on freelancing. So, I’ve decided to purchase Rugged Hustle, an e-commerce business that sells fitness equipment. This is all so new to me and much work has yet to be done in order to re-launch this e-commerce site, but I have big plans for this store that will benefit me and other writers as well.