Why Medium is a Great Platform for Writers: Here are My 3 Reasons

I recently came across an article published on Medium that detailed all of the reasons why new writers should not use Medium as their writer platform. This author even discouraged new writers from using Medium as a platform for building a writing portfolio.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel like there is too much information about what a new writer shouldn’t be doing. It’s as if some pros genuinely don’t want to see other writers come up from ground zero and become literary stars. Writing is so vast; it encompasses many genres and niches, and there are billions of people who are avid readers, so there is plenty of room for every writer to succeed.

Medium is just one of many places for writers to share their work and creatively express themselves.

I started writing on Medium a little over five months ago and it was the best decision I’ve made for myself. Here below are the three reasons I love Medium and why I think it is a great place to start out when you have little to no writing experience.

  1. Medium is a Community

Medium is more than just a space to share your work and build your following. It is a community of writers. If you’re looking to make meaningful connections with other writers and hope to land some freelance work, Medium is a great place for that. That’s how I got connected with Thaddeus Lorenz, founder of the Tech Startup, The Minute Journal.

Other writers frequently share lists of websites, blogs, and magazines that are looking for freelance writers. There are also many publications on Medium that are open to and even eager to publish work from new writers.

2. It’s very possible to build your following and your readership on Medium

It’s not easy to do but, since there are more than 200,000 writers on Medium, it’s very possible to build your following and your readership. Like with anything, it takes time, dedication, and effort. That includes publishing content that is well written, engaging, insightful or educational, and thought-provoking. Personal stories centered on the topics of mental health, self care, and personal development are the most popular on Medium.

Regularly reading and commenting on other writers’ works also helps when building an audience. And it builds community. Unfortunately, at times it is easier said than done, especially if you already have a busy work schedule.

In the five months I’ve been on Medium, I’ve built a following of more than 450 readers. And readers are genuinely engaged with my content. In the past, I’ve always had an extraordinarily difficult time building a readership, so the fact that I have, and still am, avidly building a readership speaks volumes of this platform.

3. You can and you should use Medium as your writing portfolio

You will need a professional website if you’re planning on building a career as a freelance writer. But, if you’re just starting out, you will need some kind of platform other than your own website to showcase the best of your writing skills. And Medium is the ideal place for it, also because there are so many publications where you can submit your work.

A Takeaway

You can earn money writing articles on Medium, however if you expect to earn a good full time income from Medium, you will be disappointed. Medium is a much better place to get known, showcase your work, and get your foot in the door when you are starting out on your writing journey.

Should you stick with Medium as you build experience? Absolutely. Medium is a fantastic platform for building a readership and you should most definitely continue to nurture that because you just never know what types of opportunities will present themselves.


You can find me on Medium @deannaproach. Give me a follow or subscribe and receive articles in your inbox, and I will most definitely return the favour.

One thought on “Why Medium is a Great Platform for Writers: Here are My 3 Reasons

  1. You’ve just reminded me to check on Medium. I’ve earned quite a decent amount of spare change on there by just reposting my blog posts into their publications. Great points here. Thanks for sharing!

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